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Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Review: The Case for Christ

Movie Review: The Case for Christ

     I had the pleasure of viewing the movie “The Case for Christ”, which is based on Lee Strobel’s, bestselling book of the same name.  The movie was very well done.  The acting was excellent, the plot interesting and frankly much better than I was expecting.  I read the book and found it interesting and enlightening. However, when I first heard it was being made into a movie, I frankly expected a boring documentary that was heavy on detail and low on entertainment.  Happily, that is not the case. 

    The movie is rated PG, primarily due to the medical description of the crucifixion and incidental smoking.  If your children are mature and have an interest I would not hesitate to recommend that you allow them to see it with you.    

     The movie is a true story which occurred in the early 1980’s.  The styles depicted in the movie, Lee’s Z-28 Camaro, and his love of Schlitz beer sets the scene well. 

     The movie has a great plot revolving around Lee’s family and work life.  There is a sub plot involving a police shooting and there are scenes of the realistic struggles in Lee’s family life.  The characters depict real people who care for and love one another.  While Lee gets emotional at times there are not any bitter adversarial scenes that would make a viewer uncomfortable.

     Lee Strobel was an award winning investigative reporter and legal editor at the Chicago Tribune and a devote atheist.

     Lee’s journey begins while he, his wife and young daughter are in a restaurant celebrating his recent promotion to legal editor. His daughter begins to choke.  Fortunately, there is a nurse nearby who provides emergency assistance and saves his daughter.  As Lee’s wife thanks the nurse, she responds that Jesus’ had a hand in this as she and her husband had plan to eat at another restaurant but they felt the need to eat at this one.  This comment had a profound effect on Strobel’s wife and caused her to explore Christianity and eventually give her life to Jesus.  Having a born again Christian wife did not sit well with Lee and he began a journey to prove that there was no reasonable basis for Christian beliefs.

     Lee’s journey included him seeking out leading experts in archeology, history, theology and medicine. The experts included a fellow atheist, a Catholic Priest and Protestant scholars.  Lee realized that the true question revolved around the Resurrection. If the Resurrection occurred as believed then there was a solid basis for Christianity.  If it did not the whole basis for Christianity is destroyed. 

     While the movie is not as detailed as the book, it does provide the key facts to support the Christian belief in the Resurrection.

     The title gives away the ending as Lee concludes that the argument for Christianity is strong and gives his life to Jesus.  He has retired from journalism and now is a teaching Pastor, teacher and writer.

    This movie is very well balanced.  It provides Christians with a road map to strengthen their faith.  Agnostics some points to consider and I believe atheists will enjoy the plot and how it is presented.  I highly recommend this movie for everyone. I consider this the best movie of its type. God bless and have a great Easter.

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