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Monday, September 14, 2015

Movie Review: 90 Minutes in Heaven

Movie Review: 90 Minutes in Heaven

After recommending the book, "90 Minutes in Heaven" for years I was very excited to hear that they were making a movie about Don Piper’s inspirational story.  I was certain after watching the movie that I was going to be able to write a raving review.  I am very disappointed to say I cannot in good conscious write a raving review.  Despite the fact that most scenes were tastefully presented and the strong acting performances by Hayden Christensen, who played Don Piper and Kate Bosworth, who played Piper’s wife Eva, the movie fell flat and did not live up to expectations.

The movie got off to a good start and showed promise to be one of the great inspirational movies.  In the opening scene we preview the accident and saw flashbacks to activities in the Piper house days earlier.

After the flashbacks we view the full accident, Don being pronounced dead, the arrival of another Pastor who felt called to pray, some blurry allusions to Don’s 90 Minutes in Heaven and his return to human life.  The movie appeared to be heading in a positive direction as we witnessed a flurry of activity to remove Don from the wreckage and get him to the hospital.  But once all the flurry of activity involving the accident and rescue efforts ended so did my interest. 

The movie then became very drawn out and flat.  Most scenes were of Don in his hospital bed.  While there was reference made to people praying for Don there were no scenes of the prayer vigils which took place at his church. One part Don’s recovery which could have been expanded on more was his interaction with a young lady who was undergoing similar painful treatment to her leg.  Instead they decided to waste time with a few scenes involving Don’s wife, Eva’s interactions with an incompetent personal injury attorney Dwight Yoakam (Sling Blade). It added nothing to the movie and quite frankly, Blade’s performance was some of the poorest acting I have ever seen.

Towards the end the movie regained some life and a short while was spent on some actual scenes of Don’s time in Heaven as well as some words from the real life Don Piper.  It is a shame that the opportunity to share this inspirational story with a larger audience was wasted.  If you enjoy going to movies and your budget is not limited by all means see it, but if your movie budget is limited I would recommend investing in tickets to “War Room” or wait until next month when “Woodlawn” comes out. 

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