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Saturday, October 12, 2013

For Success Do You Need To Be More Gifted Or Just Able To Leverage The Gifts You Have?

This morning I went to the gym and in a moment of absent mindedness locked my keys in the locker.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am not gifted with great physical strength so when I saw scratches and marks on the wood of surrounding lockers where bolt cutters had been used I expected this was going to be a frustrating and humiliating experience.  To my amazement when I got the bolt cutters and after taking care to leverage myself appropriately the lock broke off without much effort and without the bolt cutters even touching the locker.  I was very proud of myself. 

On the ride home I though about this experience and it occurred to me a lot of things in life are this way.  I have seen the most gifted people fail while seeing those less gifted succeed.  Why is that? Well, I think my little experience answers that question.  It is not the gifts you have but how you leverage or use them that determines your success whether it be cutting a lock off a locker or taking a comprehensive exam or succeeding in sports or business.  Don't ever feel down or defeated if you are not the most gifted competitor use and leverage the gifts God gave you and you may well be the victor.